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Who we are and what we do...

Welcome to Soul-Sisters. We are Kerry and Kelly and have been in operation since May 2009. I have been a medium for the last 4 years having sat in development circle and have gained invaluable experience working in churches and doing 1:1 readings, in a number of different settings. I work alongside Kelly, who I met through my local Spiritualist church, she is also a medium and a healer. We provide Spiritual readings to provide evidence of survival, guidance and upliftment. Soul-Sisters work doing 1:1 readings, churches, psychic fayres as well as charity events. We are honest mediums and can only impart what Spirit wish to communicate at the time. We are not ‘fortune tellers’. However occasionally may be given insight into future events, although we all have free will. This site hopes to shed some of the fear that most people have about mediums and readings. 

We also offer healing, either hands on, or where distance is an issue; absent healing. At Soul-Sisters, we also offer 'taster sessions' of meditation, to help others link in the higher realms. Please click on each tab to read more or book us for a reading, church, psychic fayre, or charity event. We look forward to hearing from you.


Kerry has been working as a medium for a number a years and has felt the presence of spirit since she was a child. She uses her own distinctive blend of intuition and humour to bring messages forward from the world of spirit. She works in different ways and may feel, hear, see or sense spirit, dependant on how spirit wish or know how to communicate. She may bring through spirit that have recently passed, someone that you know, or someone known to the people around you. Kerry’s down-to-earth and sensitive approach in readings will bring you upliftment, comfort and guidance.She has gained invaluable experience of working in spiritual churches, 1:1 and group readings in order to bring forth accurate messages to you. Kerry may also use Angel Oracle cards as part of your reading, to offer further insight.

Kelly has been drawn to spirit and all things spiritual since she was young. Only recently has she started to realise that spirit have been working with her! She has a background in psychology and often brings a psychological dimension into a reading. She may work with tarot, oracle cards or your astrological birth chart (on request) either to help you understand yourself better and/or to illuminate what is going in your life and what is happening around you. Spirit are also known to push themselves forwards in Kelly’s reading, bringing additional information and insight. Her energy and focus will aim to inspire you to move forward in your life, with each reading, being different and unique to you.

We can also record your one to one reading on an MP3 recorder, which can be downloaded onto your PC/Laptop. Or record onto tape at no extra cost. Please let us know if you would like this done x


All readings are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. Diagnosis of illness or questions pertaining to pregnancy, death, marriage/divorce or any other future relationship statuses will be refused.

We do not read for anyone under the age of 18

We are now fully booked until January 2011, we will be free for further Bookings from Mid January onwards, we look Forward to seeing you soon ~ Kelly & Kerry XXX